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2010-04-24 20:17:34 by Battlesec

Ouch. Just had mouth surgery. Had my gum ripped open, tooth pulled out, gum ground down, sown back up, then I woke back up. All that in 30 minutes. Now 2 days later, I'm in a lot of pain. Appetizing huh?

OOoooh! I see the 'Include Picture' button down there... It's so temping... haha

Gotta love Newgrounds!

2009-12-23 23:24:49 by Battlesec

Today is Christmas Eve, Eve! Started working on more flash projects, but was delayed because I forgot entirely everything I learned in flash. I guess I need a little bit of a better memory. I am a little happier today, because I found out that my favorite voice actor, fatkidwithajetpack, decided NOT to leave newgrounds. But that didn't make me MUCH happier, because, I'm not a loser, and I don't get sad or happy over Newgrounds. I don't get around NG much, because he posted that quite a long time ago. I think.

In other news...

There is no other News...
Have a merry Christmas!

(The image below is a WIP. I drew it for my mom last Christmas, but I am just now starting to color it. I might get it done soon, well, enjoy!)

Gotta love Newgrounds!


2009-10-07 22:03:02 by Battlesec

Sigh... it is kinda creepy how, everytime I get away from Newgrounds, I always come back! lol
You know, you kinda get absorbed into facebook and youtube and all those other sites, you kinda forget about Newground. So after all those sites were old, I checked my bookmarks, and realized, "Hey... What about Newgrounds?" Bad mood. Because now, I won't be able to get away! Thanks Newgrounds, for cutting off all social life and getting me stuck inside all day after school!

Just kidding Newgrounds and all people... I love Newgrounds, and there isn't anything bad about it! LOL But, I will have to try to get outside more now...
It's good to be back!

Hey, good news!

2009-03-03 19:53:18 by Battlesec

Yeah! I know a lot about newgrounds now, always a plus! But I have had flash, but thought it has been way too hard for me to use. I took some tutorials on newgrounds and have started making flash animations. I started out with a little pacman guy running across the screen, fun fun! But I like drawing a whole lot, so I think I will try to make a frame by frame animation of some sort. Don't expect me to upload anything soon though, because I don't like to have my entries blammed or have them have bad comments on them. ( I learned so really fast when I started drawing, when I posted them on Deviant Art. lol.) So yeah, I'll try to get good before I post anything, but keep checking back, you never know if it comes to me fast!

Exploring Newgrounds

2009-03-01 23:29:03 by Battlesec

This is a great site, I still have a lot to explore but from what I have seen so far, I will have fun here. This is a vast community of... *shut up Bryan.* ummmm... this site rocks!!!!
*good job*

My brain has to tell me when I get too nerdy. It happens a lot.